Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Still Monday!

But just barely! I took my design wall photo earlier today while I actually worked on the project up there! For a whole hour!  But that was only after cleaning up the three year old's room and putting some laundry away, and before making lunch and teaching a science club class after school, making dinner, ruining 4 petri dishes - tell me what good are petri dishes you can't sterilize by boiling? - replacing said petri dishes at the local school supply store and filling 6 of them with nutrient agar all the while coaching an 8 year old through the design of an 'incubator' made out of a cardboard box, a heating pad and a wireless thermometer that usually lives on the front porch and tells me if the kids need a coat before heading to the bus in the morning. Wow, that was an impressive run-on sentence! This project is on my quarterly To-Do list for the Finish Along, so I am proud that I am actually working on it. Sadly, I thought I needed only two more blocks and maybe some borders but...

...after finishing those two I think it is still an odd proportion and really needs another row of four - each block is 12.5". I have enough fabric for the backings and I think enough for all the sashing strips I need - it is a QAYG string quilt sewn together with narrow strips on the front and a folded strip on the back that flips over and has the folded edge sewn down later - similar to binding. I will have to look at the yardage I have left next and decide. I am thinking about a border of the fireworks fabric on the left... still no decision there. This is a charity quilt that was never finished when I still ran the quilting group at my church. It will go to the county foster care group who will see that a foster care child will have a little something to call their own, even if the bed they sleep in is not technically theirs. I think the cute little baseball theme should fit right in for a sports loving boy. The black stripe fabric that runs down the center of each block is also the back of the quilt.

To see what everyone else was up to today, jump on over to Judy's Design Wall Monday post - those little thumbnail photos are always so enticing... little windows into other quilters projects and processes, successes and challenges. Have a great week.


  1. Like it! It'll be much appreciated, I'm sure. I'm going to have to do a string quilt myself sometime.

  2. Oh--the incubator brought up memories! My nephew (who is in his 40's--so this is an OLD story) did the same incubator. We're not sure if it was the light bulb, the egg, or what--but he had a rather "defective" chicken hatch. He was blind (was that from the light bulb--after all--its dark underneath a hen. And--he was rather crippled. A definite lean to one side and he often went in circles. Inherited by my mother (the grandmother) since we lived on a farm. That chicken lived for a LONG time. So--let me know how your bird fairs!