Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little tangling to keep me sane...

I have not intentionally been neglecting this blog, my sewing or tangling... I just haven't had time to post. In addition, I have been in a bit of a slump with tangling (not liking my results for challenges and such much) and the weather has been unfriendly to taking good quilting photos so I have not had much to be excited to post about! Add that to getting really back into the swing of school, volunteering, teaching after school science club, applying for a new school opportunity myself, staying up late and getting up early and I am whipped! BUT, I did zip off this little Zendalla for challenge #21 because I really liked the simplicity of this string. I wanted to try to do more but time has just not allowed and I have been working on something else. I had been browsing for inspiration when I came across Michelle Beauchamp's post about a tangle called Scroll Feather. In typical fashion, hers is elegant and lovely and flowing and made me drool. So I adapted the shape a bit to fit this Zendalla and had a little Scroll Feather fun of my own. It is a bit chunkier and less elegant, but does well with this shape and I like the repetition and the regularity imposed on it's otherwise flowing and organic shape. I have been trying for a while to be not so attached to the hard line shape of the string I am working with (like fill to the edge and stop). So this was a little success at that, although the shape is still pretty strictly followed. I am working on something else for one of my boys and am trying to work a bit 'stringless' to see if that helps. I will have to share the results of that a little later. Gotta run so I can sit in the preschool carpool line!