Friday, November 2, 2012

Diva Challenge 93: Bunzo

WooHoo! I love this tangle. Having recently discovered the addictiveness of PopCloud  which is very similar for this challenge I was excited to try out the new Bunzo by Maria Thomas. I like the filled in sections and find them very dynamic when a little sparkle is worked into them. I was glad to see that they were the subject of the challenge this week since I was playing with it already. I did a patch of my son's art box with this pattern, but I will save those pictures for when I have it all finished. This is one I managed to finish. I used String 14 from Tangle Patterns for the string - that whole site is a really great resource!

I have a couple of others that are not finished - the end of the week got really busy. I didn't think I could even post at all this week because we misplaced the power cord to our printer/scanner after taking it with us for a Cub Scout thing last weekend. I hate to try to get a decent photo of tangles and could not scan without the power cord! I was so happy when I found it this morning. So, there you go. I have chores to complete before noon today because I am going away for the weekend with my wonderful husband (sans children) so I better get busy!