Saturday, December 7, 2013

A new challenge

So here it is another week and another challenge - this time using the tangle Boo*Kee. I was finishing up my semester this week but did not have a lot of class work to do in the evenings - just very intense days after which I needed some veg time - perfect for drawing.

I used it mostly as a border and I like the possibility of a little 3-D effect on the version across the top. I also tried to make it a little bigger and 'form fitting' with 'meh' results. The thing I do like in this piece is the Mooka-inspired tendrils coming out of the Antidots. That cropped up in some of my class notes at some point and I like the new way to use Mooka. 

I had a couple of others in the drawing book, one was from a challenge a few weeks (months?) ago and the other was just an exercise in color over the Thanksgiving break. I thought I would scan them in for my files and share them here because I can. Have a great week!
Sea Creature

Rainbow Kustler


  1. Wow!!!!! I LOVE all three very much. What a great thing you did with the tendrils.

  2. Beautifully detailed tiles! Boo*Kee makes the perfect border.

  3. Love how you Boo-Keed the black-pearls,
    and the sea creature, too... as long as it stays
    out of my bathtub.

  4. Wonderful! Very beautifully drawn! Nicely done!