Thursday, January 30, 2014

Aquafleur Challenge

Hello from icebound... no that is overstating it... grid-locked Atlanta! Barely 3" of snow and our fair city grinds, no SLIPS and SLIDES to a halt, I am so proud. This happens every 3-4 years at the end of January, but this time, oh this time was special! It hit much faster than anticipated early the day before the schools had had the chance to empty and turned instantly to ice on the road. NO ONE here is prepared to drive in ice. It is very hard, even if you can drive on ice, to get past the 10 car pile up in front of you, or the two school buses sideways across the road or even the silly idiot who is trying to floor it up that next hill (and it is very hilly here). Add to the conditions that EVERYONE including the school buses was trying to get out and get home and you have what we ended up with on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately, my family was able to get home with what turned out to be a minimal delay comparatively and we have been home ever since. The county has canceled school for the morning... the third day in a row. The kids are ecstatic!
So, I have had more than the usual amount of time around the house and while I have been trying to do some work, I have also taken the opportunity to finish a few tangle pieces. One I had begun and needed a final tangle for the last empty spot - Aquafleur was just the right one, especially since that is the challenge for this week over at the Diva.

Aquafleur steps into the gap

This one was started with Aquafleur.

This one features Aquafleur

...and this one has nothing to do with the challenge but I really liked it!

Have a sweet week - we will be sledding on the iced over driveway and getting ready to resume business as usual as Atlanta gets back to normal. I just heard that there were over 2000 cars abandoned on the metro highways and that does not even address the ones left in ditches and people's front yards all over the residential roads. Ugh. Again I am grateful that I was able to make it home IN my car!


  1. Oh dear - hope the ice has gone now and things are returning to normal. It used to happen where I lived in the UK from time to time - I had to sleep in my office once! (Pre-kids, so not too bad.)
    I love your four tiles and had to smile at where Aquafleur featured (or didn't!) - I love the one where it is the starring feature (had to look twice to make sure I hadn't put 'staring'...cos it's more 'peeping') - so sweet.

    I'm sure you've really enjoyed having time to tangle - it's been good to see them. Axxx

  2. Your tiles are all beautiful, but I am most impressed with the second one. Hope the weather will be friendlier soon.

  3. Good luck with the getting back to normal! Your description made me smile! Lovely tiles!

  4. I love the top one, it just has a great combination of patterns and great line work. Nice job!

  5. All of your tangles are lovely. I especially like the first two because the Aquafleur is just an element of the tangle, not the main focus. I haven't seen it that way much and couldn't get my brain around that idea. Thanks for illustrating it well.