Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Inspiration from a Tea Box

I had fun with this week's Diva Challenge to use a blind string. I grabbed my book, scribbled two quick strings, snapped a photo of them with the IPad (a really blurry kind of dark photo-sorry) and headed out the door to my daughter's gymnastics lesson. Before I left I made a mug of tea and the box the tea came in has some very Mehndi-like patterns decorating it and I was inspired! The designs pictured above are from the box. OK, mine aren't nearly as beautiful as those, but the inspiration is there. I added some more images at the bottom of the post so I could keep track of what inspired me. There are definitely more patterns there I want to explore.
Here is the original string...
and the large one below is the finished piece. 

The next one has a lot more straight lines and was not nearly as big as I thought it would be when I was drawing it. It was kind of a challenge. I had to break out of 'straight' eventually and added the curvy elements to soften things up a bit. Again, the string... and then the finished piece. Have a great week! Who knows, with almost all my classes over I might have time to do the Zendalla Dare too!

This is another inspiring image that I found  while looking around for more this evening. The photo on the left is from HERE. And below is the rest of the box. I like the leaves and the rest of the pattern, but really love the tendrily bits on the outside edges.

and the inside of the box is covered in this yummy pattern. and not only is the box so nice to look at, the tea is pretty good too!


  1. I love your rendition! And it apppears there is a new tangle in there. Nice work.

  2. Both tiles are great. I love the way you turned your strings into such a nice drawings.

  3. Inventive use of strings has given us two wonderful tiles to enjoy!

  4. Great tile, I really like the Mhendi inspired tangles

  5. Really nice work! Like both tiles and can't pick a favorite. Don't you just love being inspired by other forms of art? Take a peak at African textile fabrics because they have lots of potential for new patterns.

    Be happy :)

    Jacque Solomon

  6. Nice job on this challenge. Can tell that you enjoyed doing this challenge. Your shading adds a lot to both pieces.

  7. Your Henna influence creates beautiful work!

  8. Very, very beautiful. Your style is great.