Saturday, April 27, 2013

Better Late than Never...

Good Saturday! I noticed that Erin over at The Bright Owl has not yet posted the new Zendalla Dare for the week and thought I would take the opportunity to get my entry for last week's in before she does. I had some printer issues this week and was not able to print out the size that I usually use so I was not going to do it at all but I sat looking at the half of the sheet that did print the other night and had an idea. So, right there on that print out I tangled in the shapes and kind of like it... it looks sunny and warm, a harbinger of the coming summer heat.
I think it also suffices for my entry into the Earth Day Challenge since what would life be on this planet without the sun? Non-existent! The sun is the basis of all life on Earth, so why not a tribute to our star on Earth day? We love our star!

Then, while I was scanning I thought I would throw a few others in there that haven't been posted because they were too late for the challenge or I just did them this week! First there is the "frames" challenge from The Diva a few weeks ago...

and then this one that was just a trial of a new-ish tangle - I really like this one and was tempted to add color, but I think I will try it on a different version since this one had pencil shading already and the lead sometimes just ends up smearing and making it look dirty.

That is all for now... I am supposed to be answering questions for my last final - its a take home essay test so there will be lots of typing for me this afternoon! So why am I posting challenges?  Well... I'm cleaning off the desk so I have a clear space to work... yeah ,thats it. I guess it works for the mind too... I'm cleaning off my mental desk so I can think about addressing diversity in the classroom! See ya!


  1. Nice work! I like the Zendala-it does remind me of the sun with a cactus like plant laid out on stones...jut soaking up the sun! Good luck with your final!

  2. Your tiles are all beautiful. I do love the frame challenge. The sun zendala is beautiful too.
    Succes with your last final!

  3. Like the shading and the roundness of your orbs.