Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color inspiration for fall...

OK, yesterday's post didn't have nearly enough pretty photos as it should. So, I am pulling these out for eye relief and because the season is right.

 I suppose I could have called this post "Oh Nuts!". A couple of weeks ago middle son wanted to cut open a buckeye nut pod from the back yard to see what was inside. Those buckeye nuts are such gorgeous brown colors! He started looking around for more so he could give them to his friends and his teacher when I told him that some people think that rubbing a buckeye is lucky. We found all sorts of nuts back in the woods, acorns, hickory nuts etc, but I think the squirrels had gotten all the rest of the buckeyes. He also found a huge number of uninhabited snail shells over by the downspout that had such fragile, subtle grey and white and soft brown colors. I just love the shapes of the hickory nuts, they look like tiny little boats...or the segments of an orange peel quilt block. The 'eye' on the buckeye reminds me of a quilt block too... an uneven cobblestone block. That would be pretty in all rich warm tones of brown and red-brown with cooler beige centers. Of course I had to include some leaf colors as well in my little tableau.

So I took this set of photos as imported a couple into Abode Kuler and made some pallets from them. If I needed a new fall project (which I most assuredly DO NOT) then I might look to these for inspiration.
Lucky Buckeye
Oh Nuts

Then of course there is the Stinging Rose Caterpillar that my husband found on an oak tree in his grandmother's yard and had to bring home to show us. This little guy lived with us a few days and even went to preschool with little girl.  Then we let him off on an oak tree of our own. His colors do not look fallish to me, but more like summer. Still an inspiring collection of colors and tiny little stinging hairs!

I hope you are having a beautiful productive fall day (I certainly am not sitting here posting a blog entry instead of cleaning my house as I should!). See you Monday!

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