Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midweek Progress

Well, not as much to report as I would like, but isn't that always the case? Between a sick kid, a sick dog (don't ask what I've been cleaning up for the past two days!) and a sick me and a couple of non-quilting but legitimate sewing type projects the quilting stuff has been mostly sidelined this week.

 Currently in Progress:

  • My Tweets BOM by Erin Russek - no movement since last week, although I peeked at her post on Monday and this month's block is awesome and will be downloadable on Friday!
  • Crumb Along project with Jo at Jo's Country Junction - see my post from Monday, it is getting exciting and is the only quilting project I have worked much on this week.
  • bonus triangle quilt no new progress this week

  • Modern Workshop Jelly Roll quilt applique borders - I got both long borders sewn on and one of the short borders up on the wall with the quilt to figure color placement of the flowers. I was VERY disappointed to realize that the "short" borders will have just as many flowers as the long ones did (because the addition of the long borders also makes the quilt wider) and so will take just as long to applique all those silly things on there and just as long to starch and stitch all those leaves (4 leaves per flower = another 40 leaves x2 borders = 80 MORE.... ugh). I will show a photo when there is more progress on this 
On Deck: 

  • Don't even talk to me about what is on deck... it might as well be UNDER the deck at this point.

New Projects: 
  • Costumes for Cub Scouts, one down, one to go, plus some victory laurels to make
one Greek chiton down, one to go, ready for cutting out - and no, this is not the sick dog
  • Hexie hand project... This is the one that saw the most progress this week because I had plenty of sit and wait time with the kids' lessons etc... 4 flowers complete, the 5th is almost ready for putting together and that might be all I need for the doll quilt size, plus a bunch of green. What do you think of the alternating greens?

    • BSA fleece panels I found for my guys are being layered and "quilted" so you can see the fleur de lis on the backside (the yellow on the left is the back of the finished one) - trying to finish in time for fall camping, 1 is complete, the 2nd needs a little contrasting fringe and primitive quilting (and I have a third for my hubby because he kinda wants one too!)

    well, um, one chiton is finished and one fleece throw is finished... does that count?

    Check out what other people are finishing over at Freshly Pieced.  


    1. Lovely hexies, and I like the alternating greens.

    2. What a sunny little quilt it's going to be!

    3. pretty yellow hexes. The greens look good with them.

    4. Lovely hexies, and I like the alternating greens too.

    5. Woohoo! You joined the hexie craze (or the hexie crazies...whichever fits). I like the alternating greens. I considered it but chickened out. Yours looks great.

    6. Love it-- the colors, the layout, all of it..just beautiful! You must have a huge amount of patience :)