Friday, October 7, 2011

Crumb-y progress.

I tell ya, the word "crumb" must have a thousand and one puns and I am determined to use them all before this is over! is it even really a pun, or is it called something else? I will leave the semantics to some one more language-centric than I.

Anyway, it's been a long week here at Cut'n It Up. The reading program at the elementary school is in full swing and that means a few days a month dedicated to processing reading forms, filling out certificates and awarding prizes. The first month always comes with making stars with names and photos too, which takes FOREVER. It especially takes a long time when nearly the entire grade is participating. It is great to have so many enthusiastic readers... it just makes for a lot of work for the volunteers.
The whole collection from this week
So, it was later in the week than usual that I got to sit down with my scraps and sew up some more blocks for the crumb quilt. This week's assignment was using triangles, which I have a lot of left over fromother stuff. I used to fond of the pinwheel arrangement, but recently I have really liked the broken dishes look. So I used that a couple of times, it seems like a lot of 'structure' for a crumb block, but it is growing on me. Since I have lots of 4" blocks to incorporate I made one broken dishes that will make a 4" block all by itself (it is in the group of 4 4" in the picture above). I was really surprised to come across those particular HST's because they are from a quilt using Thimbleberry fabrics I made in 1999 and gave to my mother the Christmas of 2001.  My 'assigned' triangle blocks are below. I will try to use the strip of triangles in at least one more block if I can because I like the repeat.

I made 6 more wonky stars with crumb centers to include in the mix as well as a few heart blocks, two new stars and finished up a four patch. I like the harlequin look of the green and gold heart and the bird house fabric is making a few more appearances. They are too cute!

I hope to be putting a few of the 4" block arrangments together with some sashing (what color should I use?) and getting everything I have up on the design wall this weekend. I am anxious to see what it is going to look like all together. Check out the rest of the work going on with the Crumb Along here.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Your quilt is going to be so cute! Your star blocks are really amazing. It is fun to see it all come together!! I am going to sew a few more blocks today. I think I goofed! I cut all my blocks 6 inches and somewhere on someone else blog I read they were supposed to be 6 1/2. Go figure...almost done and I cut them wrong! So I may need to add another row, as it may be a little smaller than I wanted......guess I should have taken more time in the beginning instead of diving in head first!!

  2. They are all wonderful. It makes me smile just looking at them. I like the way you put crumb blocks in the centre of the stars.

  3. You have an impressive number of blocks done! I find that, for me, trying to do them "wonky" without measuring and using a ruler takes longer than just doing them the "traditional" way... but I'll journey on as long as I can! Great blocks!


  4. That's going to be such a great quilt. I'm dutifully throwing scraps in a box for a "someday" crumb quilt.

  5. I love your colors..warm, yet playful. The little houses are so cute there nestled in the block. Great job!

  6. I so love that heart...your quilt is going to be a winner.