Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting back on track...

OK, a few more things have been found and unpacked and the Olympic coverage gives me the perfect time to do a little pen work, although it is hard to watch both paper and screen. I thought I would do a Zendalla dare template to get back into the swing. Erin has continued to post these over at "the bright owl" and I went back the other night and printed out several that I missed while I was away. The one for this week is interesting and I think I will probably do this one again, but maybe not before the deadline for this week. So here is the finished one.
I hope to get The Diva challenge done this week also and maybe post a few of the ZIA's from this summer as well. I scanned them in while the kids finished lunch, but I don't have time to post them right now... someone is waiting to hear me read more about Wilbur and Charlotte! Priorities, priorities! Literature before art it seems, at least this time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!!

Oh my goodness, it has been so long it took me several minutes to find the 'new post' button! I have been away, as usual, for as much of the summer as we could swing. As my 8 year old observed last spring during a discussion of the reasons for animal migration... I migrate in search of a more favorable climate during the summer... away from heat and humidity and toward drier and cooler mountain weather. Of course this summer the extreme dry coupled with unusual heat caused some problems and we spent a good week glued to radio coverage of the Waldo Canyon wildfire that threatened my brother's home. All turned out well for him, but nearly 350 of his neighbors lost their homes. It was a humbling day when that fire swept down out of the hills and incinerated a good section of north-western Colorado Springs. Our mountain home was not threatened by that fire but we were on edge and very vigilant as long as the whole forest was a tinderbox and the fire danger was extreme.
I do not have regular access to the internet when I am out there - one of the blessings is the break it gives all of us from TV and computer temptations. However, on our trips to the library to stock up on books every week I did often peek at the weekly challenge. Some weeks I even participated... I just didn't get to post about it. This week's Diva challenge is using Mi2 which is a tangle I just LOVE. I am still recovering, unpacking and reorganizing my mind around civilization after arriving home on Wednesday night but I wanted to get one little example of one of my favorite tangles! Here it is on the front of my art box.

I also used Mi2 on the front of a brown paper gift bag I made for my son's birthday but I think that is still packed away in some of the luggage so it will have to wait. I also have a bunch of things to show from other challenges and some things I came up with on my own. Maybe next week I will have had time to scan some things and do a decent post. Have a great week!