Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another UMT Challenge

This month's "Use My Tangle" challenge landed on Socc, one of my all time favorites for ease and the way in which it disguises its origins.  I thought I might try it in a different format than my usual so I used one of a few mandalla patterns I came up with by tracing the edge of a cast off lid from a cup of coffee.
This did not come out how I envisioned and I really didn't care for it in the in between stage, but it has grown on me since I finished and shaded it. This next one is more the way my 'usual' Socc comes out...
Clearly I need to practice my Knyting, but that tangle is fun too.

These are a few other things I have been up to, trying to keep up with Art Every Day month. The first one was partially inspired by some paving stones in Washington DC. Can you guess which part?

This one was a Bunzo I did not finish in time for last week's challenge. 

And the last one is the other coffee lid mandalla pattern I made up. It was not supposed to be quite so "checkerboard" as it turned out to be...I feel like I am winning a Nascar race! I started with the tri-Sparkle and thought it would come out more organic and flowing, but apparently it had other ideas. I did manage to echo the shapes of the Sparkle with a little tri-Arabella which also brings in the high contrast of the Knights Bridge. I will have to redo this mandalla string and see if I can make it come out differently.

So, that is what I have been up to. I think I will have a quieter week or so before things get hopping for the holidays. Have a great week!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Diva Challenge 93: Bunzo

WooHoo! I love this tangle. Having recently discovered the addictiveness of PopCloud  which is very similar for this challenge I was excited to try out the new Bunzo by Maria Thomas. I like the filled in sections and find them very dynamic when a little sparkle is worked into them. I was glad to see that they were the subject of the challenge this week since I was playing with it already. I did a patch of my son's art box with this pattern, but I will save those pictures for when I have it all finished. This is one I managed to finish. I used String 14 from Tangle Patterns for the string - that whole site is a really great resource!

I have a couple of others that are not finished - the end of the week got really busy. I didn't think I could even post at all this week because we misplaced the power cord to our printer/scanner after taking it with us for a Cub Scout thing last weekend. I hate to try to get a decent photo of tangles and could not scan without the power cord! I was so happy when I found it this morning. So, there you go. I have chores to complete before noon today because I am going away for the weekend with my wonderful husband (sans children) so I better get busy!