Friday, February 28, 2014

Every Day Art

So, this week wasn't nearly as regular as the first partial week, but hey - we didn't have any weather realted emergencies or previously scheduled school holidays this week and I actually had to be at school ALL 5 days this week - whew! After so many partial weeks this one felt like it was a month long! I am sure I will get back into the groove of it soon (like I have a choice, right?).

This one is my favorite.
Here are all the tiles for this week, including a few I have included in some other posts about the Diva Challenge and the "Its a String Thing" challenge for this week. The first two were not included elsewhere. What do you  think? Am I getting back in my groove?

I like the Punzel in this one but the oval thing was a big fail in my opinion.

I like the dense feel of this one

This was the "String Thing" entry and the last two were the Diva Challenge entries using wavy grids.

Wavy grids are the best grids!

This week's Diva Challenge was to use patterns that begin with a grid, but to make the grid wavy. That is one of my favorite things! Not only does the wavy grid give you fluent lines it can also lend a huge amount of depth to a piece should you choose to make it little on one side and large on another (think of the look of a tile floor with a 'vanishing point' in the distance) or bend it around a curved object. My entries are below...

This one's grids are pretty tame - just a little wavy. It works better with the one on the bottom - which I still can not recall the name - than it does with the Sindo at the top - which I don't think I did quite correctly.
I also have a few tiles from  a few post back that show really crazy grids effectively... the first and third tiles from the Aquafleur challenge in January. Strangely, one of those is Sindo done correctly and it looks much better... imagine that. Maybe I was thinking of that tile when I chose Sindo for this one - and then could not remember how to do it!

All three tangles in this one begin with a grid. The one in the tear drop shows my favorite effect with grids - it lends a three dimensional aspect to it quite easily.  

I have an update about my efforts to do Art Every Day, so check that out to see my progress. 

I also decided to participate in a "Its a String Thing" over at Tickled to Tangle and posted about that as well. Trying to do so many more than usual in a week was really putting the pressure on for coming up with new strings! This should help that. In the spirit of 'monotangle' only with strings I may try to use one string all week sometime and see how different the tiles are. Interesting idea, no?

Have a great week!

Stringing along...

Well, since I have been trying to do more lately on a regular basis and not think about it TOO much I have been a little pressed for string inspiration. So, I thought I would try out the weekly "Its a String Thing" challenge at "Tickled to Tangle". So check out the original string over there and see how I've done this week.

Maybe one week in the future I will use the same string all week long and see how different they all are! That might be cool, especially if the string was one where the lines would coincide from right to lef tor top to bottom if you did rows and columns of them... hmm. interesting.

I also have Diva challenge entries posted here and news on the progress of the Art Every Day quest, here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art *Almost* Every Day

So, this is the first week of the "Art Every Day" experiment. A few years ago I accepted a similar challenge to do a little art every day for a month and it was a great experience. I have gotten woefully sloppy and out of practice by only drawing a little here and there when I have a moment or in class. I wanted to see if I could manage to get back to the 'roots' of the Zentagle practice and do a little piece every day, small, quick, not too much thought...  of course the weekly challenge to leave a blank space was included in a few!

The one above has a pattern I have kind of done before, but not seen anywhere else in the bottom right corner. The one below originally had a blank spot where the netting is and it just looked wrong so it got filled in, however, it does have the sparsely populated Printemps area that gives a sense of light emptiness. 

So far I have managed doing one everyday. One day I only managed half, but the next day I finished and did another a well. I have a ways to go in really doing it 'quickly' and without too much thought. I have been trying to pick tangles that I haven't done in a while and don't pick often so I am looking through my book frequently so I don't fall back on the 'old familiar' ones. Here are the rest so far this week...

Have a great week!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Thanks to the latest round of snow and ice in the south and the fact that I am semi-addicted to watching the Olympics, even when I don't care much about the sport being covered (why is that? limited availability makes it seem more desirable? or is it more habit because I grew up watching Olympics with my mom every time they rolled around?) I managed to doodle out a few valentine themed pieces for the Diva Challenge this week.

I like this one for it's delicate look, but wish I had had enough time to fill in with water color instead of just the kids' colored pencils. Delicate washes would have looked excellent and this is actually water color paper. If I had had watercolor pencils I would have used those, but alas you do with what you've got and make the best of it. The boarder is actually a modified Copada filled in with hearts - I like the effect and it makes it super easy to make adjacent hearts match - because their sides are actually the same line.

I like the leaves on this one except for their regularity... a trap I fall into frequently when I am trying to be irregular. It is a great skill when you want all the elements to be consistent but is a real drag when you want variety of size and shape and keep falling back into the consistency trap. This looks much better when you get a little crazy and go big and small and curvy and wavy and all over them map. 

So I have decided to make an effort to do a little more regular practice. I am a little disappointed at the level of my drawing and composition skills of late and I think it is just because I don't get in the regular practice. My general lack of time will mean I need to get back to the roots of Zentangle... make it small, do it quick, don't plan too much, don't think too long. Maybe I will try to post my efforts weekly, just to keep me honest. 

Hope your day today, and everyday, is filled with love!