Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh that I was where I would be!

Then I would be where I am not;
But where I am I must be,
And where I would be I can not.

This little version of an old scottish fold song refrain is so true this week, from a temporal standpoint anyway. I have had SO much due this last week of the sememster while I have been required to be in training and also REALLY wanted to do the challenge this week. I love the whole beverage thing... and noticed, you caffeine loving lot, that most entries used coffee! Its a good color. 

I made my stains early in the week hoping to steal a few minutes here and there to tangle them. Well, I'm not near finished but thought I would post them anyway... part of this is 'the process' right? Well, my process is taking longer than usual! Maybe I will have some time next week, although 'new teacher training' for four days is sure to be captivating (*blink*blink*). The top one is unfinshed and there is one more, more interesting stain that I let sit for longer that I will work on finishing, maybe, during breaks in training this week. Have a great week, mine will be the first week I have worked full time in 14 years! (Ugh, did I just say that... I am getting old, how did that happen? Am I not 28 anymore? - no wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know.)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Crux of the matter...

Sorry, couldn't resist using that title.

All I have to say for this week is thank goodness for endless baseball games on Saturday mornings or I would not have time to tangle at all - and yes, I watch the game during critical moments, like when my player is at bat and playing first base, but I can still get something done. Here is my contribution to the Crux pile this week.

It is quite a large peice, most of the page of a drawing pad with some really terrible paper - I will not be drawing in this one again! I started this one a few weeks ago when I wanted to try the candy ribbon pattern and could not find my "real" book. I added the feathers part trying to work out the stone pattern I saw in St Louis and then there was a couple of big empty places left. When the Crux challenge came up this week I had to try it because it is such an awesome adaptable pattern, so I put it in one of those empty spaces. I decided to go big with it and I like the way it turned out, although I need to play with the shading some as I would like the two faceted petals on the top to really look like they bow upward from where they are pinned to the page by the four dark lobes and I am not getting that somehow. 
The rest of these are ones that I have done over the last three weeks or so. One was for a challenge but it didn't get done in time and the other two were just relaxing a bit and trying some things out. 
This one is working a bit on the bean pattern I posted about in my last post

These Betweeds look a bit like delta wing kites which is how they ended up with clouds and a sun.

This was another exploration of the candyribbons pattern. 

Well, I have a million pages to either edit or write and several chapters to read and do on-line questions and quizes on and I am going to training next week as well so I should go! See you the next time I get to catch my breath!