Quilt Gallery

Quilt Gallery

I don't know the best way to do this, so I will just get all the photos I have up there and try to organize them along as I have time. First things first... 
This is the genesis quilt... my first one ever, made in one weekend in 1997. It certainly set the trend for me getting ideas from a pattern but not really following it. I went out for a little retail therapy the weekend my husband left for his second summer internship in a far away state (we were both grad students). I had had my machine for a little over a year and had wanted to try quilting. I bought some really cute fabric on sale with nothing in particular in mind (another trend that I still tend to follow) and a $2 pattern pamphlet about strip piecing and rotary cutting and went home. I pulled out the graph paper and came up with a plan. I sewed all weekend and by Sunday night had finished the top. I also made a pillow to go with it and quilted both with the help of my sister later that summer. It is still not quilted 'enough' but it gets used on the guest bed quite a bit. 
Chickens in the Cornfield 1998
PinWheels 1998-1999, tied

Will's baby Quilt (blades) 2000

Hidden Wells top ~1998

Finally quilted!! 2012
Desden swap quilt post 2000
Dutch Shoe Maker 1999-2000

Book Case Round Robin 2000
Job's Troubles first paper piecing using Little Quilts Fabric
Flannel HST bed topper ~ 2001
Sun Shines Through Triple Chain 2002
Tiny Stitches Saturday Sampler #1 2001?
54:40 or Fight 2002
Tiny Stitches Saturday Sampler #2 batique version 2002

Andrew's baby quilt 2003

Quilt Interupted Valentines Style JoAnns class sample

Winter Winner (Winning Hand) JoAnn's class sample ~2004-2005

New Century of Progress block test JoAnn's class sample
Blooms trapuntoed panel/border print quilt 2007

Bright Baby quilt

QOV 2006 Carpenter's Wheel

Jacob's Ladder class sample 2007

Confetti Stars for class 2007

Around Carla's World comfort quilt 2007

First Year Sampler - donated to auction 2008

Planet Patchwork New Years Mystery Quilt

Anniversary/QOV for reservist Pastor 2008 108x108

Commission Quilt from clothing 2010

Magic Ties for my dad 2011 (started in 1999), tied

back of Magic Ties

The Ripple Effect; a quilt made for my son's 2nd grade teacher who was retiring after many years of service.
Each light square in the 9-patch blocks contains the name of a student she taught and the year they were in her class.
The amazing thing to me is that she remembered many of those students and
knew where some of them are going to college now.

the back - the teachers all signed back here
closeup - I like the Bee since her classroom was "the hive"

New York Beauties - still needs a border and to be quilted.

Hearts of Gold crumb quilt (a little washed out from the flash) still needs a back and to be quilted.