Saturday, December 5, 2015

To the TREES!!

Just a quick posting, after so many months, in response to Dilip's guest post this week at I am the Diva. His challenge this week was to monotangle a tree or two in support of reforestation and restoration of the environment. I love this idea and have always had a special attachment to trees in my surroundings so I could not pass it up. There are many practical uses for trees of course and many reasons they are great to have around, but I think I am mentally healthier with them around as well. I remember how important they were to me on a day many years ago when I first learned of the death of a very close loved one. As soon as I could manage it I felt I needed to go for a walk in the woods near my house to be alone with the trees and try to process the loss.  I needed their silent, solid presence to hold down a world that very much felt like it was tumbling out of control.

So, despite it being the busy end of semester time with grading fatigue and a sore wrist from too much writing and typing, I iced my wrist a bit and got out the drawing materials... Had to dust them off even!