Sunday, December 22, 2013

Late, but not forgotten.

Well laid plans and all that... this dare was done quite earlier in the week than this post might indicate. I wan't completely pleased with it and hoped to have another go at it but it did not pan out. Too many cookies for neighbors and holiday parties at kids schools to attend to (although the back side of a survey about the program I helped out with at the middle school might surprise the coordinators of the event!). So here it is...

Better late than never! See you next week!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy, Merry, Joyous Holiday... almost!

Oh, the happiest part of this time of year is that I am not currently in classes and have little teaching responsibility other than normal house and family stuff... it is heavenly! I have not actually been using all that time to the greatest benefit, but I am still getting used to HAVING it in the first place, and not having a long list of imposed tasks and deadlines to occupy my time. Ahhh, I hardly know what to do!

Participate in challenges, of course! Laura will be taking a break over the holidays so I will just have to go back and do some of the large backlog that I missed to keep myself busy. I have much to make up in challenges and in practice. I have been looking through old books trying to find the nifty Christmas tree I did last year that I wanted to use as a card this year and perusing all the older drawings as I looked for it... boy, I was much better then that I am now! But as for now, I did another holiday themed piece this week to take advantage of the last Diva Challenge for 2013...

I was thinking ornaments since we were doing the tree finally this week. I liked it in black and white, but it seemed like it needed something. Once the color was added it looked a little... 'coloring book' but maybe it is just the red-blue-green scheme. Unfortunately the sparkle gelly roll pens I used to highlight certain parts do not show up well in the scan because that does make it seem a little more elegant. 

this was before color
Well, I will be seeing you - have a great holiday season!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A new challenge

So here it is another week and another challenge - this time using the tangle Boo*Kee. I was finishing up my semester this week but did not have a lot of class work to do in the evenings - just very intense days after which I needed some veg time - perfect for drawing.

I used it mostly as a border and I like the possibility of a little 3-D effect on the version across the top. I also tried to make it a little bigger and 'form fitting' with 'meh' results. The thing I do like in this piece is the Mooka-inspired tendrils coming out of the Antidots. That cropped up in some of my class notes at some point and I like the new way to use Mooka. 

I had a couple of others in the drawing book, one was from a challenge a few weeks (months?) ago and the other was just an exercise in color over the Thanksgiving break. I thought I would scan them in for my files and share them here because I can. Have a great week!
Sea Creature

Rainbow Kustler