Friday, November 22, 2013

WOW! Look at me, posting a challenge! Looks like I am still alive after all.

It has been a LONG time since I've posted - turns out I am a crazy person and took a bunch of graduate credit hours along with student teaching in an accelerated physics class and, you know, having a family of three kids doing all sorts of activities not to mention just keeping up with their homework and house stuff... I have had a few things on my plate other than sewing and tangling.
I should be finished with the student teaching gig - which took up three days a week - and I ended up spending way more time than strictly required with them, but gosh, I have kinda gotten attached to those not-so-snotty teenagers. I can't imagine just saying - Later! and not showing up for the rest of the semester! Besides, I am still learning some teaching tricks from my most excellent collaborative teacher. Besides, it is WAY more fun to hang out there than it is to tackle my own school work which keeps me away from home for three hours, three nights a week... plus homework.
Ugh, no wonder I have had little time to meet challenge deadlines. I have done a few, but I am never done before Sunday night and am rarely satisfied with the results since I don't get to practice much. I have done some in class, but I have only 5 people in all of my classes, and whereas they all will, and have, vouched for my attentiveness to the lecturer even when I am drawing, I still feel awkward tangling away and not making eye contact with the professor.
So, imagine my surprise when I pulled up The Diva tonight for some eye-candy and found that the challenge this week was the new tangle Quib... which I just happened to try out this week while I was procrastinating, er, I mean taking a break from my studies. AND its done! (wow, lots of procrastination this week... I won't bore you with the details of the work I was avoiding!) Here it is!

Just to prove I have occasionally pulled out the ol' pen in class here is a page from one of my notebooks, worked on over many classes here and there and wherever I found myself not having to take actual notes ...

Maybe I will get to do a little more once the semester is over... but then there is always next semesters classes. Have a great weekend!