Friday, February 28, 2014

Every Day Art

So, this week wasn't nearly as regular as the first partial week, but hey - we didn't have any weather realted emergencies or previously scheduled school holidays this week and I actually had to be at school ALL 5 days this week - whew! After so many partial weeks this one felt like it was a month long! I am sure I will get back into the groove of it soon (like I have a choice, right?).

This one is my favorite.
Here are all the tiles for this week, including a few I have included in some other posts about the Diva Challenge and the "Its a String Thing" challenge for this week. The first two were not included elsewhere. What do you  think? Am I getting back in my groove?

I like the Punzel in this one but the oval thing was a big fail in my opinion.

I like the dense feel of this one

This was the "String Thing" entry and the last two were the Diva Challenge entries using wavy grids.

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  1. Definitely in a great groove here, Eden - I love them all, including the 'oval' thing!! Axxx