Saturday, May 10, 2014

Semester is over...

Do you know how you can tell the semester is over?

I actually had time to do and post a challenge before the deadline!

This time is was Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing  for last week.

BOY, am I out of practice!  Sheesh, put the pen and pencil down for a few months while you are madly typing papers on the computer and teaching teenagers physics and you definitely lose your mojo! Here is the one of two I am willing to share...

I have had occasion to look over some of my work from past years recently and I realize that I badly need some practice.  I intend to get it over the next few weeks before summer classes begin. I have decided to start at the beginning of the string list on Tangle Patterns and try to do one new string every day. My previous effort of 'art everyday' did not last very long, but I was still in school at the time. I hope I can keep drawing regularly when classes begin again. It is so relaxing for me and I will need that outlet once I start my first year of teaching in the fall. Beginning in about the middle of July my stress level will sky rocket and my spare time will become non-existent. However, one good piece of advice I heard from a first year teacher is to find one thing that eases your stress and allows you to unwind and do it often. Drawing would fit the bill nicely. I will keep you posted as to my success. 

I also got a great peice of news between my last post and now... some of my work will be published in a new tangle book coming out in December 2014. I don't know how much more I can say right now, but I am kind of excited. Maybe I can get a few copies and do a give away on the blog! We will have to wait and see. 

Have a great week!

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