Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Week's R & R... Rain, Rixty, and other R tangles.

The letter R must have been on every one's mind this week. The Diva came up with a tangle based challenge centered on Rain and Adele Bruno's String Thing Challenge was all about tangles beginning with R (and a specific string, of course).

So first, here are the Rain pieces I came up with...

This one just has the look of "noise" to me and I used one of the strings I have been trying to work my way through.

In this one I was just trying different ways to fill in the Rain triangles... I like the one where they look like they are cones and I like the partial aura's on the outside one as well.

Then there is the String Thing #41 challenge... this one was a tough string and the R tangles chosen for it were difficult to get to play nicely together.

Finally there is the one random piece that I did to use, or re-use a string that I started to use last week and failed to complete the piece. I really like this piece and it had been so long since I had done Floatfest!

I am getting ready for a week out of town visiting my mom. I am sure it will be a busy one, but I will try to make the time to draw a bit.

Hae a great week!


  1. All are so very beautiful, Eden. You were quite busy this week :-)

  2. I like your second one with the Rain variations. I do like the partial aura and the one variation reminds me of the bugles snack. Must be because I haven't had supper yet. I like the last one as well. I have seen people use Floatfest before but have not used it myself. You did a nice job with it. I was lucky enough to meet Carol Ohl last week at the Hideaway. She is a neat lady. I was honored that she bought a coaster that I had done.

  3. All of these tiles are beautiful ... l like the movement in each one. Love your Floatfest!

  4. very nice. As soon as you mentioned 'noise' with the first one, I immediately agreed.

  5. I love all the ways you used Rain. So many wonderful variations. And your tile for It's a String Thing is beautiful. I'm not thrilled with mine this week, but I sure do like seeing how everyone does them. And your other tile is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing.