Saturday, May 17, 2014

The next challenge.

I was very challenged by this weeks Duotangle Challenge over at The Diva. I love both Punzel and Wells but I have a hard time making Punzel play nicely with anything else... it looks good on its own or 'in front' of other background type patterns but it does not easily integrate into a tile as a whole. I am anxious to see what others have made of this challenge. This was my tile after beginning one that ended up being a bunch of trials of different ideas.
I have been trying to work my way through the string patterns on Tangle Patterns. Last week's Diva Challenge entries were Strings 001 and 002. This week's tile follows most of string 005 - maybe I should do another that uses all the sections. String 004 fell victim to my Punzel experimentation so I will have to make that one up this week and below is string 003. I used the tangle I posted instructions to last week, Hillndale in the bottom right f this one.
And I have been remiss in not updating on my March "Art Every Day" effort - there were some tiles, I just did not get around to posting them. I will try to do that later today in another post. 


  1. Both tiles are beautiful. I think you did very well combining Punzel and Well.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about Punzel! That is also probably why I don't use it very often in a tile. In fact, this challenge might have been the first time. Anyway, your tile is lovely and I love the way Punzel gradually undwinds into crescents.