Sunday, May 11, 2014

Use My Tangle challenge

I was inspired this week, well OK, mostly last night, to get some drawing done. I had been thinking about this week's Diva Challenge to use her new tangle, potentially named "Somnee" but I hadn't actually done much with it yet. Just a few trials, letting it stew in my head for a few days. This is what came out of the pot.

I will say that I was not immediately in love with this tangle. It has much in common with its sibling tangle Bridgen which I have a hot and cold relationship with... I have trouble with the structure, or lack thereof along with the number of straight lines and amount of open space. I am happiest with the look of these examples because they are pretty 'full'. I did come up with a cute variation that I could not work out completely to my satisfaction in which the circles are faces (like in Lara's step outs) and are connected with 'arms' that have little hands at the ends so it looks like they are reaching out for each other. It gets a little odd looking when the little faces all have multiple arms and are surrounded by tiny little fat cartoon fingers... but the sentiment is nice.   
I have been looking through some older things in my binder and came across a pattern that I don't think I ever posted, or at least I can't find it. It is called Hillndale. I thought I would put it up here and try to use it some in my tangling this week. I am trying, during the break between classes to do some tangling each day and use the strings on Tangle Patterns beginning with 001. The two challenge tiles above are the first in the series, string 001 and 002. There will be many more to come, hopefully - I need the practice and the peace and to get in the habit of doing some everyday before my crazy summer begins.

Have a great week!


  1. i like both of your tiles from the challenge #166 a the beginning of the week i was also not very inspiered of this tangle,but after 2-3 tiles i had more and more ideas.and now ireally like that still"no-name"-tangle a lot.

  2. Both are beautiful; my favorite is the first one with Bunzo. Your tangle is also pretty.