Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I see Jellyfish!! And the instructions for a new pattern!

Good to be back after a few weeks hiatus! It is getting crazy here at the end of the school year. I usually ended up running pretty ragged before I was working just keeping up with the schedules of the three kids and all that happens at the end of the year. With a job that is also on the same schedule it is even nuttier!

However, I have a step-out to share and i just had to share my interpretation of the UMT "Brella" challenge from Laura Harms this week. Sadly, I had no Star Wars inspiration (since it was presented on May the 4th (be with you) day), unless "starfish" is close enough. I immediately saw the 'jellyfish' possibilities in Brella...

I also see an old quilting pattern called "Hidden Wells" in its overlapping lines if the "tops" are not all pointed in the same direction. This is the second piece with Brella done the 'standard way'.

Now if you turn all those tops so that groups of four are all pointing at the same corner you would get a pattern like this...

Do you see the resemblance? It is a really fun pattern made out of sets of strips and if you can avoid the bias stretch on the diagonal cuts you are golden.

A few weeks ago I posted a few examples of a pattern I called 'Cobbles'. I finally got around to drawing out the steps and here they are.

Let me know what you think of the new pattern... is it a 'tangle' or just a pattern? 

Have a great week!


  1. Love the Cobbles. That's going to be a fun one to play with.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Cobbles! Your jellyfish made me smile, lovey. The blue tile is my favorite!

  3. Both tiles are beautiful and Cobbles is lovely :)

  4. I like the jellyfish brellas. They blend in with your sea theme. Cobbles looks like a fun tangle to use.

  5. Your jellyfish brellas are adorable and I may have to try that tangellation. It just puts a smile on my face. Your stacked tangle piece is nicely done as well. Thank you so much for the step out for Cobbles....this is something I know that I will use quite a bit. Nice work all around!

  6. Thanks for sharing the quilt design...that's gorgeous and reminds me that these patterns are everywhere if you just take time to look. I love the jellyfish idea and it would be so cute as a quilt. hahaha! More ideas are afoot. The cobbles tangle is great will look forward to trying it!

  7. I love the jellyfish! The brown paper is so different and wonderful. The Brellas look great on the "standard" version, as well. Your Finery is so beautiful. I just can't do that one! I love the parallel with the quilt pattern. Yep, I haven't quilted for a long time, but I remember the "bias" issue. I think that's why I preferred to piece by hand - easier to accommodate that stretch. I just love your Cobbles pattern! I guess I liked everything on your post!

  8. Thanks for sharing Cobbles and I love your tangles, especially on Kraft paper! That really adds depth with the white highlights. :)