Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm just glad I'm still standing...

Nothing really inspiring this week. I actually did my first trial of this week's Duo-Tangle challenge much earlier in the week before the tidal wave of papers and projects snuck up behind me and broke over my head. I haven't come up for air since then, even to post, much less to draw anything else. So here it is... my Dex/Bunzo duoTangle - and a VERY happy birthday to Laura!

My six year old daughter watched me drawing this one and asked me to show her how to draw Dex. So we did a little lesson and I helped her with the skeleton grid and she did pretty well...                 Then she wanted to do a few more so we started a piece together. Sadly she got a little frustrated and didn't finish because hers "doesn't look like yours!" - of course I keep telling her that is OK! Maybe she will try again soon and I will help her get things set up a little better next time so she feels more successful.                                       So, if I survive the last week of school I may see you again next week. First I need to make it through 28 Literature Review papers written by sophomores who were mentally 'done' with school a few days before they wrote these papers. **sigh**

My version of our learning project


  1. Lovey tiles!!! So, start now and later in life you will hopefully sit together with your daughter and draw. Later this week I'm going to my daughter (she is 43) who lives in Switzerland and we are already planning all kind of (creative) things we want to do together!

  2. Lovely post...your daughter is making a good start with drawing. She does a wonderful job for a six year old. Your challenge piece is delightful to me because to me it looks like your Bunzo are all trying to line themselves up inside the cozy compartments of your Dex. Nice work!

  3. Your little one is working hard to be like her mum! I am sure you will find the right craft that she will be happy with the results. Your tiles are fabulous!