Saturday, May 17, 2014

Doing Art... well, maybe not EVERY day!

I wrote back in February here that I was going to try to squeeze a little drawing in every day. Well, I did OK for a little while that month and then kept it up sporadically in March while it gradually got to be a little art every few days, then maybe once a week. By the time April rolled around I was lucky to get some ink on paper once or twice that month! As I said a few posts ago, the semester is over and I have a few week break until the summer semester begins and I am taking advantage! I have been able to do a Diva challenge two weeks in a row (here is this week's) and a String Thing challenge two weeks in a row! Woo Hoo!

Here is this week's String Thing entry entitled "A tile within a tile". I used Betweed (one of my all time favorites!) and Beandlines and Beelight and a little Black Pearlz.

And now for the update on the March installments of "Art as much as I could" possibly manage...
March 1st - I like this one, especially the pattern on the right that I can't remember the name of!

March 4th - This one is OK, I always enjoy some nice PopCloud.

March 16th - this one was over several days and is larger than a traditional tile.

March 27th - this is the 15th AED 2014 peice

March 29th - I like this combo of Betweed, a variation of Bunzo, Y-ful and Bridgen with a shaded background.

April 12 - This one is very open and airy.

April 12 - I hadn't done anything in two weeks and then two in a day - I must have needed some relaxation!

This one was just the other day when I was working on the String Thing challenge...
a little different interpretation of the string in this one.
I still have one page left in the current drawing pad so I am sure to have at least a couple more this week! Then I will have to go shopping. I did buy a new pen this week and my goodness, what a change! I had been using some that are nice and black and consistent (and inexpensive!) but do not have a very fine tip and I had kind of forgotten how nice a good fine tip is. I hope to keep up the activity as the summer gets busier.

I have an exciting announcement I can 'kind of' make... Some of my older work has been accepted for publication in a new book due to be out in December. I need to be sure I can say which one before I tell you and maybe I will be able to get a couple of copies to give away on the blog in December. I was pretty excited and will now have to patiently wait for publication.

Have a great week!

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