Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Thanks to the latest round of snow and ice in the south and the fact that I am semi-addicted to watching the Olympics, even when I don't care much about the sport being covered (why is that? limited availability makes it seem more desirable? or is it more habit because I grew up watching Olympics with my mom every time they rolled around?) I managed to doodle out a few valentine themed pieces for the Diva Challenge this week.

I like this one for it's delicate look, but wish I had had enough time to fill in with water color instead of just the kids' colored pencils. Delicate washes would have looked excellent and this is actually water color paper. If I had had watercolor pencils I would have used those, but alas you do with what you've got and make the best of it. The boarder is actually a modified Copada filled in with hearts - I like the effect and it makes it super easy to make adjacent hearts match - because their sides are actually the same line.

I like the leaves on this one except for their regularity... a trap I fall into frequently when I am trying to be irregular. It is a great skill when you want all the elements to be consistent but is a real drag when you want variety of size and shape and keep falling back into the consistency trap. This looks much better when you get a little crazy and go big and small and curvy and wavy and all over them map. 

So I have decided to make an effort to do a little more regular practice. I am a little disappointed at the level of my drawing and composition skills of late and I think it is just because I don't get in the regular practice. My general lack of time will mean I need to get back to the roots of Zentangle... make it small, do it quick, don't plan too much, don't think too long. Maybe I will try to post my efforts weekly, just to keep me honest. 

Hope your day today, and everyday, is filled with love!


  1. I really love your first tangle. I didn't like mooka so much (until now) since it used to look not that pretty when i tried to use it, but it looks really good in your tangle and the border is quite gorgeous! (Gotta look up copada right now x-D )

  2. Very nice looking hearts and Tangles! NancyD

  3. Nice mooka heart. I like your leaves in the second one.

  4. These are so very different and so beautiful in their own way!

  5. Both are fun and festive Valentangles.