Friday, February 28, 2014

Wavy grids are the best grids!

This week's Diva Challenge was to use patterns that begin with a grid, but to make the grid wavy. That is one of my favorite things! Not only does the wavy grid give you fluent lines it can also lend a huge amount of depth to a piece should you choose to make it little on one side and large on another (think of the look of a tile floor with a 'vanishing point' in the distance) or bend it around a curved object. My entries are below...

This one's grids are pretty tame - just a little wavy. It works better with the one on the bottom - which I still can not recall the name - than it does with the Sindo at the top - which I don't think I did quite correctly.
I also have a few tiles from  a few post back that show really crazy grids effectively... the first and third tiles from the Aquafleur challenge in January. Strangely, one of those is Sindo done correctly and it looks much better... imagine that. Maybe I was thinking of that tile when I chose Sindo for this one - and then could not remember how to do it!

All three tangles in this one begin with a grid. The one in the tear drop shows my favorite effect with grids - it lends a three dimensional aspect to it quite easily.  

I have an update about my efforts to do Art Every Day, so check that out to see my progress. 

I also decided to participate in a "Its a String Thing" over at Tickled to Tangle and posted about that as well. Trying to do so many more than usual in a week was really putting the pressure on for coming up with new strings! This should help that. In the spirit of 'monotangle' only with strings I may try to use one string all week sometime and see how different the tiles are. Interesting idea, no?

Have a great week!