Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Unexpected time off...

string for the second one
The recent nasty weather that has swept through the South Eastern US gave me two unexpected days off (county canceled school rather than have students out in the weather and potentially out of power at school).  Of course I had spent nearly the whole weekend helping to try to finish the roof project we have going and being distracted by the progress of Irma toward and then through Florida. So, I have spent about half my two days catching up on laundry and getting some grading done!  However, I managed to stay up much too late last night drawing and so have these to share... two squares for a string, as suggested by Laura over at I am the Diva.

The better of the two.
I like the outside parts, the inner triangles did not go as planned and then the swirls
on the inside were a big disappointment... but it is what it is, maybe it will grow on me. 

I also will go ahead and share this one which I did a few weeks ago but never had time to post about. Sadly it sat out on the side table and got a drip of something on it before I got a good picture. I like how this pattern looks like coral.

I hope that everyone weathered Irma OK, if you were in the path. It does seem like there will be lots of people out of power and a good many that have lost their homes and/or businesses. Some of my family had to evacuate to friends at the last minute, but their home seems undamaged, if without power for the time being. We were reading about the devastation in the Caribbean and the heavy damage on St. John hits particularly close to "home" for us because we have spent several very good vacations there and know many of the locations pictured in the news well.  Our thoughts and what support we can send are with all those recovering.


  1. Both tiles are beautiful, I love the 'light' in them. Here we have the first autumn storm today (very early this year) and looking outside I can only imagine how it must look with a storm like Irma.

  2. Nice work. I love how you turned the square into a circle on the first piece!

  3. but the swirls in the middle look like cinnamon buns! love it!