Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beads of Courage

This week's Diva Challenge is about a program for 'medically experienced' children who have had way more than their share of exposure to the wonderful world of Medicine called Beads of Courage. In the Diva's own description...
"Beads of Courage is a wonderful charity that helps a child with a chronic illness or condition to tell their story of courage and strength as they take their medical journey. Every single bead represents something your child has done - a test, a poke or needle, a procedure, a doctor's appointment, therapy, special accomplishments, an xray, use of oxygen, mobility issues, etc.  It's incredible to see what your child has been through in a very tangible way. "

We were challenged to come up with something that represented this program. I went with the obvious...beads!

There has been little else going on this week. I have done some sewing, which I will now have to UNdo because I totally muffed it because I guess I wasn't paying attention. That will have to wait for a while because now I am binding a quilt for my nephew and I really want to get it finished to send off to him before his birthday next week. I am in the hand sewing stage at the moment - wish me fleet fingers! 

We will also be preparing for the big fall family camping trip next weekend, planning a harvest party for 12 4 year olds, making a few costumes, getting ready for the nearly-9 year old's birthday on the 31st and trying to clean the house so My IL's can come and stay the first weekend in November while DH and I get away for a few days. Whew, why am I still sitting here typing? Later, all.


  1. very cool perspective on both your tiles

  2. Wow, that's some nifty bead work - love detailed it is no matter how large or small the bead. Really love to view.

  3. Lovely beads, I like your choise of tangles. Have a great weekend next week!!!

  4. I love your beads, especially the large one with the detail.