Friday, February 22, 2013

Posting again!

Look at me, posting two weeks in a row! I am actually just taking a break from reading complex geology journal articles about ancient supervolcanos that I need for a class project... did I just say that? A class project about volcanos... at my age. That is crazy! I am crazy! This class is actually fulfilling an earth science requirement in my course of study but is way more fun and interesting than a simple earth sciences class would be. I get to make a website!

Anyway, the new tangle from Rick and Maria called Quandry caught my eye last week and I had to try it out. To make it sweeter it was the topic of the Diva Challenge this week as well. To really top it off I loved Erin's Zendalla template this week so I had to do that too. That Zendalla dare is often so tempting but requires the additional steps of printing out the templates and tracing them onto my page so they often get missed. So I have a quandry about Quandry... I can not seem to manage the nice even pattern of 'rice grains' that I desire without a little more structure than is strictly 'allowed' by the official directions... so I have a confession. I begin with a grid of offset rows of dots and use them to guide the drawing of triangles of grains. I want to try it out and actually make those dots part of the design as a variation... I think it wold look great with RED dots, but I haven't had a chance to do it that way yet.

This first piece is Quandry used in the Zendalla template.
I have a little Sparkle in there and the Quandry in the middle and the one I used on the outside is actually one I came up with from a piece of fabric. I call it Hillndale, you can scroll down a bit in this post for the step outs. I don't often use color but I thought this one needed a little glow to it, hence the added orange/yellow. 

This is my second entry for Quandry. I am not sure I am done with it... but I wanted to get it in and I do like it like this. I was trying for it to convey that this neat little stack of grains was falling apart a little on the right side and ending up in a little pile there at the bottom. 

This is the step-out for Hillndale, inspired by the a print in the MODA Modern Workshop line of fabric. The the last thing I have included is what I am doing most of these days. I don't have too much of a chance to even take notes in one class and in another I am too busy writing things to doodle much. However, there is often plenty of time in another because most of what we do is discuss, not cover new things. This page was done during student presentations about their own cultural background. It has been interesting listening with plenty of time to draw as I reflect.

Until the next post... have a great week.


  1. Your quandary looks great! The zendala is lovely!

  2. A very beautiful zendala, I love it's simplicity. I also love the soft color.

  3. I love the imagination and finesse you put into this quandary challenge!

  4. When I came to the Zendala, I was so impressed but, then, I got to the ZIA underneath and I did a happy little chair dance. I absolutely love them both!!
    Cheers, Kelley @