Saturday, August 8, 2015

Over the summer, part 1

Greetings fellow surfers (of the net, not the ocean - I'd fall off the board for sure!). Summer has come and gone and we are back to school here in the southeast. Barbaric I know, but I will be bragging about getting out in May next spring.

I was away from the computer for about a month this summer and did a bunch of drawing on non-flat things that I will post about later. I had a moment to dig out my desk and scan a few flat things this morning. I spent some time late in July browsing over at "A Little Lime", Helen Williams' blog and found a pattern that she does that really captured my attention and has not yet let go. It is a combination of Olb and Abundies. I am still in the 'copy it' phase and have not gotten all the way into the 'make it my own' phase with this pattern yet. I have done these a little differently, but mostly in Helen's style - which is not a bad thing - she is one of my favorite artists!

I like the color on this one
I think they qualify for Cari Sultanic's guest challenge to be "organic" a few weeks ago over at I am the Diva, but I did not have time to post them then. I also have one further down the page that I did in response to the color challenge posed by Jen Crutchfield earlier in July. I am such a blue/green person I wanted to avoid those choices so I went with a really challenging color for me, ORANGE.

spilled baked chicken juice on this one! Shoot!
I will try to snap photos of my new drawing box and the set of four coffee cups I made this summer and post them to and maybe get back to regular drawing again. I may even have some sewing to post about once a month since I am trying to have a night out once a month to go sew with some friends. That would be getting back to the roots of this blog finally! See you soon!

the un-entered Color Challenge


  1. I just noticed that the 'extra petals' in my version of this are all on the same side, whereas Helen's are on opposing sides. I like them both ways, but mine sometimes remind me of cotton bolls.

  2. Really scrummy. I may have to copy yours! Axxx