Friday, August 28, 2015

Betweed is My Favorite!!

I have had only a little time this week but I love, love, love Betweed so I had to do one piece! I did listen to the first meditation, but I was so tired I ended up falling asleep.  So here is my entry for this weeks guest Diva challenge, one little sad entry...

I must go back to grading and I think I might just go to bed early tonight so I am ready for my meeting all day tomorrow - yes, on a Saturday. Totally unfair!(don't feel too bad, I will have lots of opportunity to doodle which is almost as good as really being able to concentrate on drawing)


  1. This Betweed tile is very beautiful, I like the design.

  2. Your entry may be "one little sad" entry but it's a marvelous one!
    I like it very much!

  3. Gorgeous! Your Betweed tile is lovely and I adore the shading/hightlights! Wonderfully done!

  4. What a lovely Betweed tile! LOVE the different angles and the balance with the black pearls!