Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pre-first day of school de-stressing

This week was crazy busy. I worked hard all week long and seemed to only stay in the same place... I felt like I was walking the wrong direction on one of those moving walkways at the airport (oh, it would be nice to be at the airport... that would mean I was going somewhere or meeting someone who was coming to see me!). By Friday night at 7pm, still at school, knowing full well I was no where close to being ready for students on Monday morning all I wanted to do was go home, eat dinner with the kids, maybe consume an adult beverage and draw something simple that needed no thought whatsoever. The Nzepple guest challenge over at The Diva was just the thing. I don't normally think of Nzepple as a focus tangle... it is something that I would use in the background to fill in. So using it for a mono tangle would be interesting. I did not try to get creative, I did not try anything fancy - remember, I just wanted something simple, clean, mindless...

It is a little simplistic for my taste, but it is what my brain needed at the moment.

I hope to be able to keep up with challenges as the semester unfolds. Right now I need to finish a big assignment for my endorsement class that is due tonight... the weekend before school starts.. who planned that deadline?! Have a great week!


  1. Wow, school starts really early for you. Philly schools don't start until after Labor Day. I like what you did with your tile, using 'Nzeppel as a string in some instances.

    1. Suzanne, yes, its inhuman how early we are starting this year... July 31st! But, come September I will be ready for the week long break we get. Then again in February we have winter break for a week. I think they are trying to sneak year-long school up on us in a way we won't notice too much!

  2. Replies
    1. OK, I kept adding things and it got a little less simple than it started... but the important thing is I was not thinking about it!

  3. Lovely tile. I hope the new school year starts of smoothly for you.