Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Zentangle action

Good afternoon all! This blog has had a busy day. Since Linda Farmer at sent out the link to the directions for Groovy, my new tangle pattern I have had more hits than I usually get in a month! Very exciting to be 'published', look for me in the "G's".
To bad I didn't have time this morning to post my challenge entries for The Diva's Challenge #68 Duo Tangle: Hybrid/Strircles! I had not used either tangle before so it was a fun challenge. Here are my pieces...the first one is a little rough... lots of ideas floating, no real organization in my head yet...
The second came out better, although the Hybrid section at the bottom was supposed to look like the Hybrid section at the top but I lost focus at a critical moment and started doing lines in the wrong place! Ahh, 'no mistakes' right? Hybrid does have lots of potential doesn't it? I really like the effect of curved lines and the variation of doing some sections with wide lines and some with narrow. I'd like to play more with it, varying the pitch of the original diagonals among other things.

The Strircles sections in the second was inspired by a stained glass window that I designed and made while in grad school (one of the many distractions that my research advisor felt certain would delay me finishing my PhD indefinitely. She was wrong!). It was a fun exercise in thinking about issues of color and transparency and designing things in a way that it could be made in glass. Sadly there is no window in my current house that it can hang in unobstructed so it sits in my closet.

I am also going to post a couple of old challenges that were either done too late or done in time with no time to post...

This one was a challenge from March sometime to use Paradox and spirals in the same tangle. Thanks to a very long committee meeting I made one big spiral and Paradoxed the whole thing.

The next one was a challenge to use Fengle which I love, but have a hard time incorporating with other tangles smoothly... I guess this could have been an entry for Laura's Aura's too!

One last one I finished this afternoon... I have been trying hard to use a string in my pieces without following the lines as a hard edge. I think I succeeded better than usual with this one, and got to use HiC's which I have been wanting to use. 

That is all for now, I have some quilting things to post later this week... lots of exciting 'near finishes' that I am working on, and one that is done but I can't share until Friday.  See you then.


  1. Absolutely beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful pieces...all of them!

  3. Hybrid and Strircle heaven! Love the stain glass and yes the inspiration made a great tangle!

  4. Wow! Sensory overload here.... you did a fantastic job on these tiles. I especially like the way you did Hibred in a shattuck way!

  5. I love all of these, every single one. Gorgeous work!