Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birds on a Wire and Nebulae on a shirt.

This week's Diva Challenge is to use a tangle that is a "border pattern". I have played with it before but I find it difficult to try intentionally to use a border pattern. It seems like it takes a certain type of string to host one successfully. So for this I just used it over and over again. I like it quite well this way. I think I would omit the 'ball' attached to the scroll the next time, but overall I like it as a fill pattern.

finished shirt
In other creative pursuits... I read an interesting blog post about painting space-scapes on black T-shirts and just had to try it out with the kids this weekend. Other than them not having enough patience to stick with the layers and layers of paint required to achieve the kind of look we were shooting for we had a good time. My fingernails are now caked with purple, black, red, yellow and blue acrylic paint that won't seem to scrub off... but I can always claim that it is interstellar space dust, right? If I can keep them from wearing them for one more day I can add the glow in the dark paint to really make them shine!

same shirt, just bleached
canvas tote now sporting a lovely nebula

same tote just bleached
my daughter's shirt front, just bleached

my daughter's new spiral armed galaxy shirt


  1. I like your tile a lot.
    And I LOVE the T-shirts!

  2. What a great shape and the birds on a wire works perfectly with the design! Such a gorgeous T!

  3. Superb and so different from the other entries this week.

  4. Your "struggle" with Birds on a Wire sounds familiar.... You have found a lovely solution to master it! Enjoyed the T-shirt story and the results are amazing!