Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday... or not.

Oh MAN! I got all excited that I would be able to link up this week with all the other Work In Progress Wednesday sewers over at Freshly Pieced. After many weeks of little or no progress on anything vaguely quilt related I have gotten a few hours of crumb piecing in during the last week trying to come up with the border length I need to finish my crumb quilt Hearts of Gold. Unfortunately, Freshly Pieced is taking a holiday break from WIP Wednesdays so I have no one to link up with. Oh well... there has still been progress, link up or not!

I have these and a whole string of others, plus the 4" squares I have left from the original 40 I made this past spring before I even began the main quilt. It felt really good to sit down and piece again. I am hoping to quilt the flimsy I had up on the design wall at the beginning of the week...

I decided on both the gold and the red for the ribbon and it is all fused down and ready to be sewn. I think I am going to add some machine done trapunto under the wreath when it is ready to be quilted. That should add some dimension to both the wreath and the ribbon. I hope to add some texture and 'drape' with the quilting. I just need to work up my nerve. It has been a while since I quilted anything and the last time it was a nightmare because the machine kept misbehaving. That issue was never resolved and I ended up tieing that quilt. I am not sure I want to go through that frustration again. Let's hope the machine plays nice with this one!

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