Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zalphabet Soup ala Sue

Sue Jacobs posted a great challenge on her blog, Sue's Tangle Trips to do Zentangles or ZIA's using tangles in alphabetical order. One of my favorite pass times is collecting new patterns and I've been a bit stuck for "what to use" these days so I thought this was perfect.

This is my A-G

 Tangles Used: Arches, Bloomin Butter, Casseta, Dragonair, Etcher, FloatFest and a teeny tiny version of Golven. (the bold faced ones are tangles I have never used in a piece before)

This is my H-O (actually the first one I did since I was itching to use Inapod)

Tangles Used: Hurry, Inapod, Jitterz, Keeko, Lava Juice, Mumsy, N'zepl, Organza.

This is a random one I was working on late at night. I was going to use Tornado again but ended up doing it wrong and it turned out so interesting and different that I just kept adding lines. I am not sure I like it, it is a little busy, but it is also sort of neat and complex looking but is very easy to accomplish.

Have a happy and peaceful holiday season. I will likely be off-line for a while attending to family. Cheers.

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