Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Many things in progress, few things actually done...

Hello all you lovely blog-land readers. I am alive, but just barely. I knew two months ago when I scheduled my calendar that the first half of March was going to really stink, and I was RIGHT! I have been overly busy and had some not so lovely additions added to the mix like the death of a terminally ill family member, the long lasting yucky cold of my preschooler and the failure of a committee member to fulfill her duties regarding the science fair leaving me in the lurch at the last minute . Now, of course because said preschooler crawls into bed with me and puts her stuffy little head right next to mine on the pillow... and coughs in my face... I have that same yucky cold AND a ton of things to do! Yea me!

BUT... one sunny day late last week before I was completely snowed under by the science fair I did manage to take a couple of pictures of the only project currently getting any attention and one project that has been finished for a while but I have not had in my possession until now. First, the teacher quilt has all border vine applied and stitched and all of the green leaves stitched as well. I have one flower done and have added two of the bees. This is a distance photo, I don't have detail photos yet. I have also added all the names that will not be written by the children themselves... that in itself was a comedy of errors, but nothing horrible and that just makes it 'handmade' right?

This is what the bees will look like and I have been debating how many I will add... one to a flower seems a little too regular, two to a few flowers might be a little crowded. What do you think?
This project is a quilt for the assistant pastor at your church who left... um three years ago almost? It took two years to pull it all together working with various quilters making blocks. It was a finished flimsy late last spring. It was finished by the quilter, also a friend of the pastor, last summer and we have been waiting for the current senior pastor to decide when to give it to him. I just got it back from the quilter's daughter last week so I finally got to see it quilted. She does a great job and honestly, when you can find a quilter who WANTS to bind the quilt for you its a winner! She enjoys binding... how amazing is that!

Being the work of multiple quilters it was exciting to put it all together but I think it came out nicely. I love this layout and its ability to accommodate so many different sizes. I hpe he appreciates it and it is not too lame that it took so long to put it all together. 

All my other projects are on hold. I had hoped to finish a number of tops this quarter. There is one that is part way quilted (holiday wreath) and one that has had a backing made (winter's winning hand). The crumb quilt is finished, although I have made no further progress on the backing or quilting. To see what others have 'in progress' visit Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

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  1. Love the scrappy quilts! The border on the first one is just spectacular and really caught my eye! Great job.