Saturday, March 31, 2012

A quilters quarterly report....

OK, no judging please, it has been one heck of a quarter! I have only managed to post twice in March and have not even finished any Zentangle challenges, although I started many. Sad, I know, but at least one of the things keeping me busy during that time was a quilt. It wasn't on the UFO list, unfortunately, but I started it in mid February and finished top and back last week at it is at the long arm quilters until mid to late April. Other than that I did get some things on my list done or at least worked on.

First on the list was to border the crumb quilt. DONE! We won't talk about that no back has been made and no quilting has been done... The goal was to get the border finished and I did! Go me.

Second on the list was to make a backing and quilt the Winter's Winning Hand. PART done. I made the backing... a sort of mish mash of leftover parts and some Gingerbread Man fabric that seemed appropriate but wasn't big enough. I never got around to the quilting part so technically not a finish although progress was made.

backing for the wreath
Third on the list was to quilt the Holiday Wreath. I made the backing and began quilting it. I ended up doing some machine trapunto on the ribbons and then stuffing them even more before I even started the quilting. It may have been a mistake as it is going to be mighty hard to get my skip-happy machine to quilt right close to those fat sections... but live and learn. At one point after cross hatching the background around the wreath and getting into free motion stitching around the motifs in the borders I ran out of thread and it took a few days to get more of the right color... By then 'the moment had passed' so to speak and I had moved on to other things. I hope to pick that back up this week while my son is off hiking and I can stay up and sew into the wee hours. So, again, not a finish.

The charity quilt I was planning on finishing was worked on! I pulled it out, made a few blocks, decided on how big it will be and found the rest of the fabric I need for it. Still not done, however and no new photos.

So, I got one thing on my list done and made a very special retiring teacher a huge queen sized quilt from beginning to 'flimsy with backing' and added all sorts of sentimental value to it with names and signatures from students and teachers. Not too bad for a quarter, even if not everything was on the list! Now I need to assess what I will work on in the coming quarter. Thanks for stopping by. To see what other people have managed to finish this past quarter stop by Quilter in the Gap's quarterly check in post.

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