Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh I am so WEAK!

I have resisted lots of temptation this year.... I did not get involved in the Swoon craze, although I love that block. I have not been tempted by the granny squares. I did not succumb to the Farmers Wife QAL. I did catch a mild case of hexie fever, but it was a small project and it was done before the holidays, as in pieced, quilted, bound and gifted. That is like a minor miracle around here, a finished quilt in less than a decade. I have also resisted some great sales and been trying to work on what I have or at least with the stash I have on hand.
You know where this is going right?
I got a little too interested in the Design Wall Monday post of a friend of mine who is working on New York Beauty blocks with a QAL. Her's are turning out fabulous. That piqued my interest... I started browsing around at the hosting blogs... found the list of downloadable block patterns... got to thinking about the large pile of jewel tone Quilters Candy semi-solids I have in the drawers upstairs... ugh.
So here is where I am after nap time yesterday plus 6 hours late at night last night...

The bug is still buzzing in my ear so I will have to make more. There are lots of blocks I haven't tried! The thing is I don' really enjoy paper piecing... it is kind of a pain and I find it very slow. I am improving my non-existent curved piecing skills... so that is good right? I do love the finished blocks and I prefer the random arrangement so I need enough to make it, well, random looking. I guess the best news out of this is that I made myself make the binding for the quilt at the quilters right now before I began. AND, I can leader/ender HST's together to make blocks for another, very old UFO that is up on the smaller design wall right now. SO maybe I will have that together by the time I am done with this obsession.
So, as far as works in progress... this is a *sigh* NEW project. I am leader/endering a waste triangle project from long ago, made the binding for the gift quilt I should get back this month and made no progress on anything else... even the half quilted holiday wreath top. I am so lame! Check out other's works in progress over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Oh goody..... I'm so glad you jumped in and started to play with these. If you have to learn to paper piece, these are a good reason to do it. Your colours are perfect for these squares. They are gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!

  2. I love your colour choices so much! I started this QAL and abandoned it, mostly because I didn't like the fabric I chose. I do love paper piecing, so I'll probably give another go at some time!

  3. Wow, very successful ! love your colours.