Monday, September 10, 2012

On my Wall today...

The project on my wall today is not a quilting project, although I am using many of those skills to do it...

My oldest son's Boy Scout patrol (the Eagles) is belatedly making a patrol flag and asked for my help. Thank goodness for Steam a Seam! I hope to finish this week but they have to make a few decisions about how to hang it and what else goes on the flag before I sew the seams and inset the trim.  For now the roman eagle needs to be ironed on still so it can go to the meeting tonight.

I have been quilting some lately. I am in the middle (literally - it will have to be moved to sew the patrol flag) of the Holiday Wreath quilt I have spoken of here before. I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I decided how to quilt that... it is taking FOREVER. I also dug out my collection of charity tops that have not yet been quilted and selected a small one to get me 'back in the groove' so to speak. I added the purple border and quilted the one shown here which was made out of left overs from several other projects. I even used up tad ends of bindings on this one, as well as a scrap of batting and a pastel striped piece of fabric for the backing. Feels good to be done with one that can now go to a new home. I have several more in line, slightly larger but still manageable. I hope to knock them out before getting seriously involved in piecing anything else. I am really warming up to quilt two of my own that I want to enter in the local show. Before tackling the larger quilts I started small and quilted these two tiny ones... one left over block from a backing that was made out of trimmings leftover from the front of the same quilt. Leftover squared? It is a cute mug rug size and it was nice to finish up something quickly. 

Then this one is a little larger, the house is about 6". I have been kicking around the 'little house craze' inspiration in my head while thinking about how to finish off a left over HST flimsy (below) and got interested in the little house craze going on right now. I purchased the book "Down in the Valley" by Derksen and Harder and will probably use several of the house patterns in there to make it look like a little town commons with cottages, a school house some barns and trees on one side ... call it "Cross Roads" or "Village Cross Roads". This extra block was an early exploration of making a house and did I need the paper pieced foundation and could I make it wonky with or without one and, hey, what about doing a 'crumb' inspired house quilt? Once the Cross Roads quilt is is done I think I will choose one house pattern I really like and make up a bunch of papers for each section. I will stack them in the crumb drawer and piece them out of there in an ongoing process where I can just do a few at a time when I have the chance. That drawer is filling up again and I think it would make a cute quilt and use up lots of scraps. I think I will make all the chimneys the same brick fabric and maybe all the windows the same gold to unify things. Everything else will be scrappy and maybe I can throw a few trees in there too. 
Check out the adorable quilt on Judy's wall over at Design Wall Monday and have a great week!


  1. Eden,
    Thanks for commenting on my design wall Monday post. I have enjoyed visiting your blog, and I am in awe of your drawing talents.

  2. Yep, that is a great quilt! But I also like the house block. It reminded me I want to make another one inspired by the "Row Houses" by Flavin Glover. Well, any quilt with houses works for me!