Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally a challenge response!

I have spent some time this week tangling... no sewing so far. That is about to change, as my oldest's Boy Scout patrol needs a flag and he thought they would get a good result if I was involved... gee, thanks for the vote of confidence... I think. Anyway, this week's challenge from the Diva was to use Copada, one of Margaret Bremmer's tangles. I love her style and use a lot of her tangles all the time. This was one I hadn't used yet. The 'strip' nature of the pattern screamed for a double pencil string, which I had not done in a while. There are so many possibilities with this tangle that this piece quickly became a mono-tangle... why would you need anything else?
There was another project I worked on a lot this week... my younger son has a binder for school that allows you to slip a paper under the clear covering. I suggested he draw a picture to go in there... he suggested that I draw a picture to go in there.  So I worked on this 'cover page' for his folder for about a week on and off. I think he likes it, I know that I am pleased with it. It was nice to use color and I really like the pencils I used... each is a combo of three colors in one, which gives a nice subtle variation.

I have also done a bunch of paint chip bookmarks and discovered yet another of Margaret's tangles, Kunstler, which is awesome! Check it out and have a great week.


  1. Eden, both of these pieces are so fun, and beautifully done. Your son must have the coolest notebook in the school now! Is the central arch Puf or Yincut? Your copada piece reminds me of a moebius strip, which is something I just learned about this year...thanks to Zentangle. This Copada piece is great for showing off the versatility of this tangle.

  2. What very wel done your zentangle! In the translater i saw using two pencils! Very nice!
    cant wait to see the bookmarkers.

  3. Beautiful, both! Your son must love what you do (and be proud of it), because otherwise he would not take it to school.

  4. beautiful. Love the ribbon effect. Great idea to use two pencils for your string :)

  5. Wonderful variety of fills in your Copada. I especially like the really bold one on the right and the one with tiny white spots. I see that you used the Copada "bracket" line to do Zedbra! Lovely!