Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Other things "In Progress"...

Progress is such a relative term... in my case when it comes to quilting I like to think that sometimes "progress" means that I even remember I HAVE a particular set of blocks that still needs to be assembled sitting in a drawer somewhere. If the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem then surely the first step to quilting progress is to first recall that the quilt flimsy, block set or idea exists in the first place. Going on this premise, I am going to join the WIP Wednesday crowd over at Freshly Pieced in an attempt to keep those, ahem 'older projects' at the fore front of my mind and maybe actually finish a thing or two now and then. I have two years before the next quilt show... with luck I'll have something worth entering by then!

I can in no way make a totally comprehensive list of things that are WIPs around here... I am not sure I can remember everything and I certainly don't have time to go looking! So, I will list the things I am actively working on, the long term projects I have on hold (but they are near the top of the pile!) and a short list of projects that are "on deck" that I hope to work on in the near future including some 'low hanging fruit' that just need a little work to be declared finished. I will also own up to the fact that I have at LEAST a bakers dozen flimsies on a shelf, some with backings folded up right along with them that need only to be quilted - clearly a weakness on my part. (and that does not include the tops my charity group put together that haven't been quilted yet either)

Ongoing projects:

  • My Tweets BOM by Erin Russek - I am pluggin' away but am currently two months behind
  • Crumb Along project with Jo at Jo's Country Junction (see many of my posts over the last two weeks for progress on this one)
  • bonus triangle quilt that I SHOULD and WILL be using as a leader/ender
  • Modern Workshop Jelly Roll quilt applique borders - I designed these to go with this pattern last spring and have been working right along on it. Two borders are finished and all the flowers are pressed and starched for the other two as of last night! WooHoo! Now I just have a bazillion leaves left to starch, sigh. 
pressed and starched and ready to go

On deck projects:
  • Debbie Mumm wall hanging set completed but for hanging sleeves something like two years ago (insert eye roll here) I WILL get this done. 
  • design pieced parts of Spring Basket wall hanging I posted about here
  • Garden BOM quilt from many years ago that is almost all the way put together - I have one tricky border that I need to get the math right on so everything fits and late at night is never a good time to do tricky math. I will do that measuring and math during the day when I am, at least theoretically, rested so that top will be #14 to be quilted. 

Recent Finishes: 
  • Operation Uniform block finished, will be sent in the mail this week.

I won't depress myself by listing all the half-finished and half-started projects lurking in my closet. Suffice it to say the goal here is to get the On Deck projects on the active list and things on the Ongoing Projects further down the road to being in the Finished category. And of course to accomplish this I need to get off the computer! Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Your Modern Workshop quilt is so happy! I'm really impressed by those appliqued flowers. :)

  2. How about ideas in progress? I have tons of those. Tons of projects I want to get started on yet some that need to be completed. It's a never ending circle---mostly of not completing anything.

  3. Love the Modern Workshop quilt! I love seeing different ways to edge out a quilt instead of just strip borders. Nothing wrong with strip borders, I'm just looking for something new! And your camo block? Very cute. I did a camo/trendy fabric combination bag for a friend here.
    I did one for each daughter and the other one had a stripe with pink/acid green/black colors in it.

  4. I love the Modern Workshop quilt, too! Those applique borders are something special. Melinda just told me that you live close to us, and we'd love to have you visit our website and Guild sometime.

  5. That Modern Workshop quilt is wonderful! I love quilts with applique and piecing.