Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another WIP Wednesday...

Hello all. I am back this week to report how much I did (not) get done this week! This is motivating, but also a little frustrating because there is so much I would LIKE to get done that I never seem to get around to.

Currently in Progress:

  • My Tweets BOM by Erin Russek - I am nearly finished with the July block, I need to make 7 flower center circles and sew on those and one more 5 petal flower and one leaf. I may try to choose colors for the August block this week, or decide if I am doing a smaller version  (I am out of my background after one more block anyway and I am horrible at finishing large tops so I may throw in the towel at 9 blocks) 
  • Crumb Along project with Jo at Jo's Country Junction - I have 6 new blocks and a short stack of parts to make more stars. I hope to add 4 or 5 blocks using triangles as a base (this week's assignment) and maybe another heart

  • bonus triangle quilt got pulled out and I put together a few blocks between other things. I should sit and trim HST's in the evening one night this week to get them ready for sewing. This is a LO of the blocks I have. I have two more without the red corners (25 total) and the makings of almost this many again. Does anyone know what this block is called? These are each 6" finished so it is still pretty small.

The HST's came from trimming the bonus triangles off of the points of this quilt..
Queen Sized pinwheel quilt, tied, 1998/99
The LO pattern was inspired by this quilt...
Flannel bed topper, 2001
  • Modern Workshop Jelly Roll quilt applique borders -This was the most commented on quilt from last week's post Thanks!- it has that breezy modern vibe to it thanks to the great Moda fabric. I have totally finished the second long border and gotten the first three flower stem groups on the first short border. I need to get it up on the wall and decide on flower colors so I can get it glue-basted in place. Then there are those leaves I mentioned last week...
On Deck: 

  • Debbie Mumm wall hanging set completed except for hanging sleeves. I DID NOT get this done despite it being an EASY finish (hangs head) . 
  • design pieced parts of Spring Basket wall hanging I posted about here - still not done or even thought about
  • Garden BOM quilt never made it out of the drawer

NEW projects (WHAT, I don't need NEW projects!)
  • costumes fitting the theme for Fall Family Camping with Cub Scouts in October - we are in charge of the Saturday night campfire and want to do it up in style!
  • DANG IT! I resisted the hexie craze for SOOOO long and was fine with it until I saw the hexagon die cut thing at school while I was doing my volunteer thing. Ugh! I also happened to have a few sheets of card stock so I whipped a few out and dug through the repro stash... 
I have some pink and purple and LOTS of blue but I think I will stick to different yellow flowers with the same red center surrounded by green, possibly alternating between the two since I doubt I have enough of either one to do the whole thing. But then it depends on what I decide to make out of it and how big it will be. Dolly quilt anyone?
  • I drafted myself a 16" version of the Swoon block and figured out cutting requirements and have thought about throwing a few of these together for a comfort quilt for a friend/relative who is having a rough health battle right now. I may hold off for now since her treatments and condition tend to make her overheat more than anything... not sure. 

NADA! because we also did a lot of this kind of thing this week...

fall weather is lovely and it is very hard to keep the kids inside. 

Hope your week was awesome too (and you got more sewing done than me!)


  1. Whoa - lots of fun things to look at here!

  2. I love the hourglass lookin quilt. That pattern always grabs my attention. And I like the direction you're going with the hexies!

  3. Oh, the hexie's are cute! Looks like y'all have been enjoying the fall weather.