Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Work in Progress...

Yes, that would be singular...this week has been occupied with other things; getting ready for a big camping event, family visits to one who is ill, the usual housework, getting an auction item ready for a school fundraiser, you know, regular life things. My creative life has spiked in a different way (like I need more encouragement!) in that I have formalized my doodling pass time, which I do when I have no hand sewing project readily available and officially started "tangling" as in ZenTangle. There are lots of things free motion quilting and that kind of drawing have in common. I have often noted that FMQ can be both meditative and relaxing when in the right mind set. Both that and tangling take concentration and not too much actual thought/planning. If you think too much about what you are doing and where you will go next you get yourself in trouble, but total concentration is a must. That seems like an oxymoron, but if you have done either I am sure you know what I am talking about.

So, down to business:
In Progress: 
Everything that was here last week is still here and still pretty much in the same state (unfortunately). I have put lots of thought into how I want to finish off the Crumb quilt and made a little progress on additional blocks, but nothing to write home about. The hexie project that was "new" a few weeks ago can now fall into this category, don't you think? I did make lots of progress on this while away from the house and machine this past week. Now I need to cut out lots more green hexies and two half flowers worth of one more yellow fabric. This one will go camping with us this weekend, I hope I have time to work on it.

Pardon the wrinkles, it has been traveling around with me and is now too big for its box unless folded. 

New Projects:
No new projects! Yea! OK, well, maybe that is not strictly true... I am participating in a weekly challenge involving ZenTangle (see the new button on the right sidebar and my first post from last week) but that it a little thing. And, oh yeah, I found a stack of orange and green squares left over from another project. Hey, we can have fabric jelly rolls, layer cakes and turn overs... why not fabric leftovers?! They never spoil, these are from 2003! I guess they can get kind of stale and tasteless like old spices, just think about those calicos leftover from the 90's. Anyway,  I want to whip up a fall quilt with those and use them up. I posted about that on Monday's post. And I posted a great fall color inspiration last week too. I would like to add that as a semi regular posting because there are so many great color schemes out there waiting to be discovered.

That covers it for this week. Hopefully I won't be too busy recovering from camping to post something exciting next week. Have a great week and check out other quilters progress over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Your hexies look great, I should really pick mine up again :)

  2. love the 30's prints in those fabrics