Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend, in between watching middle son get excited over dissecting a shark and taking little daughter into a mini clinic to have her hurting (infected) ears looked at and getting her cold from last week myself  I worked a little on the crumb quilt that I expect I will call Heart of Gold. What possibilities! I am getting really quite excited about this quilt and am running out of wall space. I managed to piece a number of new blocks in the last week and this weekend got the new ones up with the old ones to see what more is needed. Wow,

The whole collection, minus un-grouped 4" blocks yet to be sashed or made into stars

what possibilities! I also put together a few sets of 4 4" blocks in little 2x2 window units with sashing to make them the right size. I think I like the dark sashing with no setting blocks, the light sashing is just too distracting, as is the high contrast setting block. Do you see the units I am talking about? What do you think? I need a few more wonky stars with crumb centers (does anything with a 'crumb center' sounds like a dessert, or is it just me?) to scatter around and I will probably add a few more other blocks with flying geese and other things to have enough variety. I do still want to sample a lay out with no wonky stars, maybe an on point setting... lots to think about. I also need to decide on how large it will be. If it is less than 60" square I could submit it for a guild challenge in February that it is perfect for, but I have some misgivings about that including, but not limited to the fact that I might want to make it bigger than that. Of course at 7x7 I run out of wall space so that becomes a problem in and of itself. What do you do when you run out of wall space? Floor is not a good option for me because of where the sewing machine is and there are too many children and dogs running around in this house to make it practical to leave it there for any amount of time.

WOOP WOOP! linear editor just kicked in - gonna have to
fix the vertical mismatch on  these sashing peices!

an example of the light sashing - distracting right?

I also have laid out the third border for the Moda quilt that I've been working on. I was optimistic that the "short sides" wouldn't take as long to applique because they wouldn't have as many flowers on them... NOT SO! The 'short' side is made longer because the two long side borders make the quilt wider so there are JUST AS MANY flowers on the short borders as the long ones... sigh. This is going to be a longer term project than I first imagined! I will post photos when there is more progress.

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  1. Eden, they all look fabulous. I see the blocks you are talking about, and don't have a problem with them. There is so much colour and contrast already in your squares, that I don't find the sashing and the contrast square distracting at all.

  2. That is such a fun quilt. I love everything about it.

  3. Wow...a great crumb quilt. It is so inspiring to see so many great quilts in progress. I've been looking at some of the crumb alongs on Jo's blog. Never tried that but it sure is enticing. I do like the darker sashing for your mini units but with all that is going on it really all works.

  4. You are doing an amazing job with the crumb blocks! Wonder what tomorrow's crumb post will bring?!?

  5. Wow I love how your blocks come beautifully together !

  6. Boy - I like that quilt top!!! Sounds like you are running in circles with your kiddos - hope you all feel better.

  7. I love the way this is looking! And I love the stars scattered among the blocks. I see a plaid binding on this one.

    And you're right -- crumbs = dessert. We need an honorary dessert dish for the QAL. You think Jo would do the honors?

  8. They look so good. When I made my first, I debated on small and large and went with large. This time I am tweaking my favorite elements and going with the small. It will be great either way.