Monday, October 17, 2011

Not Much Monday....

I would love to say that I have made all sorts of progress on stuff this week, but the plain truth is that I have been busy with other stuff! I did finish the Greek Chitons I had cut out last week. Made belts for them too. Now all I have to do are the laurel wreaths and a couple of drapey things to go over the shoulders. I finished two fleece blankets, 4 more to go. I also sorted through a bunch of the scrap buckets to reorganize them into more parts for the crumb quilt, light and bright scraps, larger pieces that need to be put away and 'the uglies' pile (and, oh boy, some of them are REALLY bad, 15 year old calicos!).

While doing this sorting I ran across a whole set of 3" squares I cut out for this quilt I made my oldest in 2003. His little 3 year old, live music loving self latched onto the guitar fabric and wouldn't let it go so I had to make him a quilt! It was not one of my great triumphs (could that print be any louder and busier?) but I always liked the label... I AM such a rock star, everyone should want my autograph!

 I ended up using mostly light gold/tan with one stars worth of blue and one of orange. That left all the greens and many of the oranges and a few extra golds. I ended up using the left over blues for something else I think because there were none with this pile. Being that it is fall/Halloween and I have been seeing oodles of themed quilts I thought these might make a cute table topper or something if I could find an arrangement that would use most of them up. So while little daughter was swinging on the rope in the yard (a FAVORITE activity) I laid them out and decided that a simple trip around the world arrangement would use most of them. I will back it in black and try to use up the last of the squares back there somehow. So now it is in stacks and hopefully I will get a couple of hours to whip out this small project this week (but don't hold your breath). Of course, there may be something else interesting to do with a bunch of squares. Got any other ideas?  For more on what is going on in the quilting lives of other bloggers check out Design Wall Monday.

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  1. I had a bunch of squares left over from a project so I paired them with a solid, made 16 patches with the squares and had a great charity or baby quilt. Yesterday I found a bunch of scraps, various sizes, of the same fabric so I put it all in one bin and will make one more charity quilt and that should get it all out of the studio, I hope.