Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Zentangling for the week.

Whew! This week's challenge is to draw a whole Zentangle piece with your non dominant hand. I will admit to laughing out loud when I read this challenge on Monday as I was waiting to have my dominant hand X-rayed at the time. Sunday morning I was ruthlessly tripped in mid stride by my own bootlaces getting tangled (and not the good kind!) up on the wrong lacing hooks and fell badly on my hand. I ended up bending several fingers backward and the hand was swollen and very sore. The good news is that it was not broken  and it is getting better, slowly. The even better news is that while I was alternately applying ice and heat to the right hand I could tangle with my left!

I will admit that they turned out better than I had hoped. It TOOK FOREVER since I had to creep along at a snails pace to get a decent line quality. I also had to keep stopping myself from switching hands. This is another lefty piece. I was not about to fill in the whole space with Tipple with my left hand... just shoot me now! I was losing patience. I guess this was mostly an excersize in patience for me. I could forgive the wobbles, although I didn't like them,because I am, as they say, all thumbs on my left. It did frustrate me to have to go so slow when I knew I could whip it out using my right hand. 

Then I thought I would show you the finished purple challenge that I presented only partly done a few weeks ago.  I got some good advice via comments and took those to heart in trying to find just the right tangle to finish it up.
And, finally I thought I would show this one done during a very busy week last week. The string was arrived at by laying a few of my wavy hairs out on the page (not the gray ones, they are too hard to see against the white!) and tracing the line they made on the paper. The tangels are mostly recognizable except maybe the one on the bottom right. It was inspired by the wood (faux I am sure) paneling on the inside of an elevator I rode that week. It was a fabulous texture and very touchable. I am sure there were people who wondered why the crazy lady in the elevator was stroking the walls! I really like the ink build up where the lines flow together. Does anyone recognize this as an already names pattern? Or might this be a new one? The closest I could come up with was Scrumble, but it is really totally different than that in both process and end result. Do let me know if I a missing out on one like this that is already out there. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. These are beautiful. Hope your hand is better.

  2. Ouch! Hope you are on the mend. These are amazing. Nice work with your 'non-dom'.

  3. Shadow and everything! I am so impressed!

  4. Wow! I wish I had that much talent with my dominant hand. With my non-dominant it would look like a preschooler's work!

  5. Oh my gosh about your hand! I would laugh about good timing to use your non-domiantion hand, nice way to be positive after injured your hand. Your work is absolutely beautiful and unique and thank you for sharing with us. Hope you will be back using your domination hand soon.

  6. Wow! Your left-hand work is amazing! And I love your purple challenge piece. I really like the new tangle. Instructions, please :)

    1. Dianne - I posted instructions for this one in this week's challenge post - just put it up today.

  7. All of them look great...but I'm really loving that last one! Very pretty! What did you use to color in your work? I can never get it to look right.