Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A puzzle for you...

Someone suggested that I add bees to the border of the quilt I have been posting about (like in yesterdays post) so I tried it on a trim piece left from the border cuts. All in all I am pretty excited by the bee. However, as I looked more closely at it I realized that the 'random' scatter of letters on the fabric is not entirely random.

I got to looking at the full scrap piece and can find the following words...

Love, joy, hope, patches, apple, path, passion, liberty, more,

These all occur in straight rows and none of them are backwards, although some of the letters are in different orientations. Can you find these words? Can you find any other words? I am intrigued... It does not look like a 'word search', but it turns out it is! Cool! Now if I could just stop looking for words and go to bed! Goodnight!

1 comment:

  1. I found Love, hope, patches and also Quilt. Awesome fabric I love words and would have a hard time to stop and go to bed too. Hope you got some sleep.